Jean Wood: About Me

I have been a student of astrology for more than a decade, starting with my exposure to the teachings of Rick Tarnas during my training as a facilitator of Holotropic Breathwork*. My on-going studies have been guided by Arifa Boehler, a wise and knowledgeable life-long practitioner with an exceptional gift for teaching and sharing her experience.  As I learned about astrology, I became increasingly intrigued by its power to illuminate the patterns and events of my own life.

Astrology provides a powerful torch to spotlight problematic or distressing life patterns and is equally revealing of the gifts and solutions needed to meet those challenges and embody our highest potentials. My goal is to foster the owning of those potentials, and to encourage appropriate and self-affirming life choices with the wisdom that results. My focus is on the rich internal amalgam of soul, spirit and psyche, and on the often hidden abilities that each of us can muster for our own growth and self-fulfillment.

I have a strong sense that “we are all in this together,” that our truest wisdom resides inside each of us, and that an astrology reading is a tool by which we can help each other on the journey of discovery.  I often gain insight and learn profound lessons myself from dialogue with my clients.

I have a masters degree in botany and am an inveterate gardener. I have been fascinated most of my life by the compelling results of self-exploration and inner healing, and I find the natural world to be the matrix that supports and guides me in my own journey.

I offer profound and continuing gratitude to my long-term teacher, guide and inspiration in the realm of astrology, my friend and fellow garden devotee, Arifa Boehler.  

I currently live and practice astrology in midcoast Maine.  Also, as a certified facilitator, I offer workshops in Maine and the Boston area in *Holotropic Breathwork, another discipline for self-exploration that is deeply experiential.


“How can I hope to be friends
with the hard white stars...?"
- Mary Oliver