Why Holotropic?

Holotropic, which means “moving towards wholeness,” derives from the Greek roots of holos (whole or complete) and trepein (to move towards).  The term was coined originally by psychiatrist Stanislav Grof, originator with his wife Christina, of Holotropic Breathwork, a powerful modality for self-exploration and healing. 

Because the overriding themes of clients’ experiences correspond closely to the current astrological themes in their charts, offering consultations can be a supportive way to engage in conversation about material that is emerging into awareness from the subconscious.

Astrology can open up a life-long dialogue with the universe about who we are.  My service to clients aims to facilitate that dialogue by examining and illuminating an individual’s innate capacities and opportunities for growth.  In this sense I consider it a holotropic practice.

Photo by Sahidi Williams

Photo by Sahidi Williams


“…my sense of astrology is that the constant coincidence between planetary positions and human lives exists as a kind of universal code for the human mind to unravel, so that we can better understand ourselves and our world, rediscover our deep connection to the cosmos, and be more complete human beings.” - Richard Tarnas, from An Introduction to your Astrological Analysis